Dr Thrall

Holistic Approach To The Dental Care
Holistic dental care is an approach to modern dentistry that emphasizes oral as well as overall health instead of the treatment of oral disease. A holistic dental procedure can become the natural preventive medical care. This is because a holistic dentist observes the patient’s overall case history of health. Holistic dental care approach involves proper periodontal diagnosis and systemic health diagnosis. Holistic dental care approach includes contemporary science, technology as well as natural healing. It is also known as Biological dentistry or biocompatible dentistry. Holistic dental care acknowledges and deals with the spiritual mind and body of the patient, not just their dental problems.

Kansas City International Airport Full Body Scan Creates Questions for Women with Implants
Kansas City recently acquired it first full body X-ray machine in its airport and with that, Quinn Plastic Surgery Center in Overland Park, Kansas, has had a lot of requests for information regarding the X-ray machine and its detection of implants.

Local Plastic Surgeon Operates on Haitian Earthquake Victims
Dr. John Michael Quinn of Quinn Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Day Spa traveled to the Dominican Republic, next door neighbor to Haiti, for his 22nd annual mission trip with the MACLA organization.

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